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Donors to Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties help everyone in Springfield, Urbana and nearby communities get quality medical care, close to home. Mercy Health depends on your support to bring new advancements and continue to enhance the services provided at our two nonprofit, faith-based hospitals in this region. And donations help those in need by removing barriers in their life that keep them from seeking medical care. The Foundation partners with donors, local organizations and healthcare leaders to ensure the most needed services are available for all residents.

Featured Causes

Featured Campaign

A young female cancer patient smiles at her nurse while receiving a transfusion.
Campaign | Mercy Health — Springfield, OH

Urbana Cancer Center

A $1 million fundraising campaign is under way to redesign and renovate the former Mercy McAuley Center into the new Urbana Cancer Center connected to the hospital. Your support will help people fighting cancer get life-saving cancer care and treatments in a modern, comforting, convenient setting in Champaign County.

Featured Giving Opportunity

One Step Closer to Home Acute Rehabilitation Welcome Sign
Giving Opportunity | Mercy Health — Springfield, OH

Acute Rehabilitation Renovation

Your gift to the Acute Rehab Unit renovation project will add a touch of Springfield landmarks to help patients recover after stroke, injury or illness. With your support, new spaces in the unit will help people regain strength and practice skills of daily living to care for themselves at home safely and independently.

Your Impact

Thanks to you, Roger no longer fears another stroke

The Watchman device is designed for patients who are at-risk for stroke. Roger Winget was able to receive a Watchman implant because Foundation donors like you provide the support to make the procedure available in Springfield. Listen to Roger speak about it in his own words.

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