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Acute Rehabilitation Renovation

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Support Acute Rehab enhancements that help patients recover after stroke or injury 

You can help inpatient rehabilitation patients get One Step Closer to Home

Renovation of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit will add a lifelike town setting where patients work to regain mobility and basic skills for daily tasks

 A $200,000 fundraising effort is under way to support exciting new renovations and updates to the James H. and Nike D. Lagos Acute Rehabilitation Unit in Mercy Health's Springfield Regional Medical Center. This unique project will transform the rehabilitation experience for patients and create interactive areas that mimic recognizable Springfield landmarks.

Bobby Parrett

Bobby Parrett

Director of Rehabilitation Services
Mercy Health - Springfield and Urbana Springfield, OH

The redesign for our acute rehabilitation unit will transform the therapy experience for our patients.  By recreating the look of familiar spaces in our community, patients and therapists will work together to practice real-life daily living skills in an environment that reduces anxiety and fosters healing to ease the mind, restore the body and recharge the spirit. We will only be able to fully transform the unit with philanthropic support from our community.

Patients can practice real-life skills of daily living like dressing, bathing, taking the stairs, going to a restaurant, grocery shopping, pumping gas. These activities improve strength and endurance, helping patients recover quicker and return home with confidence that they can care for themselves independently.

People may need acute inpatient rehabilitation to recover mobility and motor skills after stroke, spinal cord or brain injuries, illnesses or trauma. While they recover in the unit, they receive round-the-clock nursing care and daily physical, occupational and speech therapies to help them continue healing and return home safely.

Your donation to the One Step Closer to Home project will improve the healing experience for every patient that comes to the rehab unit for many years to come. You'll be proud to know you help people return home to their families safely, confidently and with better quality of life.


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Patients treated yearly


Patients home within 11 days

Our acute inpatient rehabilitation program is the only service of its kind within 30 miles of Springfield and 500 patients a year turn to us for care. With support from donors in our community, we can update and enhance the unit for a more positive experience as patients improve their strength, endurance and confidence to return to their lives at home.

Adam Groshans

Adam Groshans

Mercy Health Springfield 
Springfield, OH 

A Gift for Good Healing

Hundreds of people every year will benefit from your donation for renovations of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit. You'll help them take One Step Closer to Home to recover, regain strength and confidently return to their lives and families after a stroke, illness or serious injury.

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