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Donors to Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation make an impact that touches many cities across southeast Virginia. Your support helps create healthy communities, innovate the world-class medical care Bon Secours provides and improve the experience of compassionate care for every patient. Let your passion and interests guide your giving by directing your donation to a program or service that is meaningful to you.

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Campaign | Bon Secours — Hampton Roads, VA

Campaign for Bon Secours Harbour View Medical Center

A $1 million fundraising campaign is under way to build a state-of-the-art surgical medical center in the Harbour View area of Suffolk, VA.

Featured Giving Opportunity

A smiling nurse holds up a pink breast cancer ribbon.
Giving Opportunity | Bon Secours — Hampton Roads, VA

Women's Imaging Center in Portsmouth

Your donation will help open a new Women's Imaging Center in Portsmouth, Virginia to give more women access to care. Situated near public transit and free to those who can't pay, the Center will help detect breast cancer in earlier, more treatable stages.

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Our donors save and improve lives

Have you ever wondered if your gift really makes a difference? In this video, hear directly from people who are grateful for every donation that gave them the life-saving healthcare they needed, here in Hampton Roads. Like Sandra who is a breast cancer survivor. Paul Kaplan who is grateful for his small-town hospital. And Steve Savage who had a near-fatal cardiac incident.

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news | Bon Secours — Hampton Roads, VA

$500,000 gift to Harbour View Medical Center campaign

The generous gift from TowneBank was announced at the hospital's topping out ceremony and brings the fundraising campaign closer to meeting its $1 million goal.