Meet Nancy Rowe

Make an Impact

Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

You’re helping Nancy stay active while she recovers from a broken hip at East Pavilion

Nancy Rowe has always been one busy lady. Even an extended stay at Bon Secours Southampton Medical Center’s skilled care and long-term care facility, East Pavilion, to recover from a broken hip isn’t slowing down this 86-year-old.

“At one point they told me I may never walk again,” Nancy says. “Now they accuse me of running down the hall!”

Your donation to Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation supports the needs of the facility and its residents, like new beds that were recently purchased. You ensure Nancy and other patients get skilled nursing care and therapy to help them heal while also having many social opportunities to stay active and engaged.


“Donors sometimes don’t realize how valuable their support is of an institution like this. We enjoy the benefits of what they’ve given us, and I want them to know they are helping.”


“We aren’t just in our room all the time here,” Nancy says. “We have a schedule every week with at least two outside activities. There is even a beauty salon that does my hair for me.”

Mystery rides on the East Pavilion bus are one of Nancy’s favorite activities. At the last minute, residents decide where they want to go. They’ve gone to look at Christmas decorations, to a farm selling pumpkins and flowers, eaten lunch in a park, and stopped for hamburgers.

“I’m very satisfied here,” Nancy says. “They’ve done a lot for me.” Nancy expects to go home eventually. In the meantime, her husband comes to visit every day and she gets more frequent rehab therapy to help her walk with a walker.