Make an Impact

Support training and education for Bon Secours staff

Well-trained and highly skilled medical professionals are the heart of great health care

Staff education programs keep our team on the cutting edge of medical advancements to expertly care for you and your family

Your support for staff professional development is an investment in quality health care for Hampton Roads. Our team is dedicated to keeping pace with constant changes in health care best practices, to be the best and brightest at delivering the life-saving care you depend on. 

Your gift will provide educational programs, training for certifications and other opportunities for Bon Secours staff to continuously improve their skills and expertise. 

Staff Education

It takes dozens of people both behind the scenes and at your side when you receive medical care. Each one plays an important role and has a unique set of skills to care for you. Our team is committed to continuously improving their expertise so you can always expect the very best health care at Bon Secours. Donor support for staff education ensures each associate has opportunities to learn, grow and advance in the health care profession. 

Give Back for Great Health Care

Treating you well with well-trained staff

Family Focus

Children need nurturing parents to thrive. Thanks to our donors, the Family Focus program helps moms and dads learn the skills for positive parenting. Classes and activities offer health, safety and education on childhood behaviors and development for all ages, from newborns to teens.

Family Focus facilitates parent-to-parent support and helps families receive valuable community resources for their unique needs and challenges. Educational programs even address difficult issues like child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, substance use, bullying and suicide prevention. 

Your donation for Family Focus will help parents create a more positive environment that helps children thrive.

Invest in Families

Your gift helps parents raise healthy, happy kids

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