Meet Louise Edwards

Make an Impact

Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

Louise gives because she wants to contribute to Bon Secours’ success

Louise Edwards recently retired from Bon Secours after more than 30 years. She’s been contributing to the Foundation for nearly as long and continues her generosity as a retiree.

“I’m able to go an extra step to make things happen in a charitable way,” Louise says. “I can provide a little more to the community than my work expertise.”


“I can’t provide direct patient care but my donations help provide health care and better outcomes to residents of our community.”


Louise knows a thing or two about making things happen for the community. As Executive Director for Planning and Development before retiring, she led feasibility studies and planned new Bon Secours projects and services. She’s seen many much-needed projects become a reality thanks to Foundation donors like you.

Having spent her career helping build out the Bon Secours Health Center at Harbour View, Louise is excited to see her work and donations come full circle when the new hospital opens.

“I’ve really wanted Harbour View Hospital to become a reality. I want to continue to be part of the success.”