Meet Candace Pitts

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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

You helped Candace make the long trek to her treatments for breast cancer

Candace Pitts is the co-owner of a bed and breakfast on a farm in rural Virginia. The seclusion is part of her business’ appeal. But it also makes her drive to see her doctor about two hours by car. After a breast cancer diagnosis in December of 2022, Candace’s long trips became more frequent and expensive.

Even with health insurance, the cost of copays and peak gas prices took a toll on her. Your donations allowed the Foundation to assist Candace with fuel costs. It was just the help she needed while undergoing treatment.

“It was really difficult because I couldn’t work and we had to shut our business down while I was recovering,” she says.


“When the nurse informed me that assistance was available, I nearly cried. I never imagined in a million years that someone would help me when I was ill.”


Candace is back in business and recovering from a double mastectomy. She wants you to know how important your gift was to her.

“It went so far,” she says. “I don’t think everyone understands the magnitude of even a small donation. To all the donors who put forth their efforts and their funds, I can never express how grateful I am.”

The unexpected support made a huge difference to Candace’s physical and emotional health.

“I’ve always been a hard-working person. I never wanted anything from anybody. I thought I didn’t need anything,” she says. “But I’ve learned that no matter how hard you work, everything can be swept out from under you. So those donations help so much.”