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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

Paul got the hospital care he needed to beat COVID-19, because of you

When Paul Kaplan’s COVID-19 symptoms worsened and he needed hospital care quickly, Bon Secours Southampton Medical Center in Franklin, Virginia was ready.

“From the moment I got there, I was in the back quickly and they were ready for me,” Paul remembered. “They already had the oxygen going and I got an IV immediately. They had me in for a CT in minutes to further diagnose that I also had pneumonia.”

Paul said the care during his hospital stay was fantastic.

“I never questioned the ability of the caregivers. There was not a hiccup or a single negative thing during my stay. From the nurses, the hospitalist, the doctors, the respiratory therapists—everyone was fantastic.”

Paul knows that because of donors just like you, the Southampton Medical Center is vital to his community and providing the care he received during such critical times.


“You need donors to upgrade facilities and make things better for the patient who could be even sicker than I was, and I was pretty sick. I think every hospital needs that support from the community.”


He credits donor support for making sure the Southampton Medical Center is continually exceeding the needs of his family, his neighbors, and his community.

“For a community this size, we have a phenomenal facility.”

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Paul is grateful for his small-town hospital

Watch Paul tell you his story himself. Today he is grateful for the life-saving health care he received right in his own small community, thanks to donations that support his local Bon Secours Southampton Medical Center.