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Women's Imaging Center in Portsmouth

Ensure Accessible Care for Women

Help fund an imaging center in Portsmouth

Give underserved women in Portsmouth the best chance to fight breast cancer

With your support, the new Women's Imaging Center can offer quality care to disadvantaged residents

It's a sad yet familiar story that city spaces see higher numbers of breast cancer cases. Many different factors contribute to this, such as socioeconomic status and racial disparities. And where there's a lack of transportation or insurance, the issue compounds. The women of Portsmouth, Virginia suffer it all, ultimately dying from breast cancer at higher rates than other locales.

You can help change that story. Bon Secours aims to improve this care gap with a new imaging center. And support from donors like you is critical for the Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation to meet a $250,000 fundraising goal that will make the Women's Imaging Center a reality.


Comprehensive imaging services that are easy for women in Portsmouth to access. With your help, more women will get life-saving breast cancer exams.



Your gifts will help fund renovations and purchase medical equipment.


The new center is scheduled to open near the end of 2024.

Give Vital Services to Women in Need

Help open the Women's Imaging Center to improve the health and wellness of Portsmouth

The Bon Secours Women's Imaging Center is coming to the heart of Portsmouth. Its planned location ensures it's accessible by public transit. It will offer both diagnostic and biopsy capabilities, helping to detect cancer faster. And doctors and nurses will have the best resources at their disposal. 3-D mammography, breast ultrasounds and bone density scans will enable comprehensive exams.

And, most important, patients without the ability to pay can still receive services. That's a part of the Bon Secours ministry that donors help make possible when they give. Be a part of the mission—make a donation today to help save lives from breast cancer.