Grace & Kenneth’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Grace and Kenneth give to bring hope to people with cancer

Sisters United for Prevention realized that underserved communities often lack cancer awareness and education. The group set out to help educate and provide support for those battling the disease.

Grace and Kenneth Brown recall when the organization partnered with the Mercy Health Foundation to establish a fund to help patients receiving treatment at the Springfield Regional Cancer Center.


“When people are going through treatment and have trouble paying bills, the fund can help. We know it is being spent on patients who get their health services here locally.”


As a cancer survivor who battled non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Grace is aware of the significant support needed for those who receive a diagnosis. She is proud that Sisters United can be part of that support.

“If I can share my experience with someone else with cancer, I can let them know that there is life after diagnosis,” she says.