Meet Dr. Wade Smith

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Dr. Smith gives to strengthen health care in his community

Having grown up in a rural community, Dr. Wade Smith understands the importance of supporting local health care services, something he does with his gift to Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties.

“I’ve lived in Springfield for 30 years and feel a real kinship with the people who live here,” Dr. Smith said.


“I give to support the mission of strengthening the health care in our community and keeping patients here as much as we can, rather than them having to travel to other hospitals.”


As a physician, he sees how donations touch people daily and appreciates how patients are helped with services like the Med Assist program to pay for medications for those who can’t afford them.

“When you are ill, staying close to home when possible is a real quality of life issue,” Dr. Smith said. “I know my donation is helping.”