Tom Prendergast’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Tom gives because he believes everyone should have the same great care his wife had

Tom Prendergast’s wife, Susan, was well cared for by the Mercy Health Springfield's Cancer Center during her cancer fight. After she passed away, Tom thought donating to the Center seemed like a wonderful way to honor her memory.

“She was treated for several years at the Cancer Center. I feel a closeness to it because of the care she received,” he says.


“I give because of all the love and support she received as she was going through her journey. I have a real attachment because of what they do for people.”


Tom says he feels obligated to help those in need. By supporting the Cancer Center he is helping everyone access the kind of care Susan had. “I believe it is the responsibility of those who can afford it to contribute to the well-being of their community,” he says.