Meet Sally Ledingham

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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Thanks to you, Sally can look and feel her best during cancer treatment

Sally Ledingham was frightened by the cancer treatment journey she was about to start. Thanks to you, she already has peace of mind about one of the first steps. “I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose my hair,” Sally says.

Wanda Moore, a longtime hairdresser and Sally’s friend, stepped in and eased her concern. Wanda volunteers for the Appearance Center Program with Mercy Health Springfield Cancer Center, a program you support, to provide wigs and other beauty services for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

“Hair loss is a major issue for Sally and many other women,” Wanda says. “Once I fit her for a wig, she got comfortable with it and felt like she still looked like herself. Now she’s more relaxed about it.”


“Now I have a wig ready for me when I need it. Thank you so very much. I will still look like myself. I consider myself lucky.”


It means everything to Sally that Wanda will be with her during her treatments so she can focus on healing.

“She is a very good friend,” Sally says. “I trust her completely.”

Wanda, who has volunteered with the Appearance Center for 15 years, says it is bittersweet to help a client who is also a friend.

“It always touches my heart, but when it’s a close friend it’s more difficult,” Wanda said.

Sally is thankful for donors like you who support services like the Appearance Center.