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Ensure a healthier community for everyone

Healthy, thriving residents make Springfield better for everyone

Mercy Health's community health initiatives help every person lead a fuller life

A healthy community depends on many resources coming together, including access to quality health care, education and employment opportunities. 

Our health and wellness services extend well beyond the walls of our Mercy Health facilities, reaching into neighborhoods across the Springfield and Urbana areas. Because of donors' generosity, we can provide a number of important health screenings and wellness resources out in the community to help people access care and support when and where it's most convenient for them. And often free of charge, to further help those who qualify because they lack insurance or the financial means to pay.

That's the impact your donation will have. You'll help people get the tools and support they need to prioritize their good health and have a better, more independent future.

Community Health Initiatives

Mercy Health is committed to meeting the ever-changing health needs of our community. We depend on donations to provide outreach, prevention, education and wellness services that address the most urgent and high-priority needs here in the Springfield and Urbana areas. Some of the Community Health services your donation supports include:

  • Education and awareness of common health risks
  • Mother-baby education to ensure healthy infants
  • Improving access to healthy foods
  • Literacy and education
  • Transportation to access health care services
  • Other services that assist with basic life and household needs

Stand Together

Your gift helps people get resources for a better, healthier life

Mercy Health Med Assist

For patients who meet the qualifications of financial need, our Med Assist program can help them get free medications, nutritional supplements or medical equipment like wheelchairs or oxygen.

Med Assist is the only prescription medication and equipment provider for underserved people in both Champaign County and Clark County and is completely funded through donations. When you give to this program, you directly help people who are the most in need.

Lend a Hand

Help people get the medications and equipment they need to get well

Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Women with a high-risk pregnancy can get specialized medical care right here in Springfield. The program, funded through donations to the Foundation, works alongside the patient's primary OB/GYN physician to provide personalized care for their unique risk factors. Through Mercy Health's partnership with The Ohio State University, the program can support expectant mothers facing risk factors like:

  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Genetic conditions
  • History of premature births
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Other conditions that require high-risk care for mom or baby

Your donation for the Maternal Fetal Medicine program also provides funding for further testing and in-depth ultrasounds for women in our community so more babies are born strong and healthy.

Support Healthy Babies

Give women the special care they need to have a healthy pregnancy

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