Margaret Hager’s Story

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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Your support of mobile mammography made it easy for Margaret to get her yearly mammogram

Margaret Hager is on a fixed income and her insurance doesn’t cover preventative care. But that doesn't stop her from prioritizing screenings that allow her to stay on top of her health, thanks to you.

“My faith, my health and my family are everything to me because I know how quickly they can be gone,” she says. “My husband is a cancer survivor and my mother had cancer. It’s very important to me to take whatever steps I can to stay on top of things. I know when you catch cancer early you have so much better a chance of surviving.”

In the past, Margaret has had to budget and save to afford her yearly mammogram screenings. But not this year thanks to your gift to support mammography screenings. This year, the Mercy Health Mobile Mammography unit came to Margaret’s workplace out in the rural town of West Liberty.


“The fact that it was close and convenient and that it was offered free because we are on a fixed income was a real gift. The mobile mammography unit has been an incredible blessing to me this year.”


“Usually I drive about 20 minutes away for my mammogram. So being able to walk right across the street was fantastic,” she says.

Your donations to the Mercy Health Foundation help ensure that the mobile mammography unit can reach those who live far away from health care centers. You remove a barrier to care for people like Margaret.