Meet Anne Marie Bien Aime

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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Your support for mobile mammography in Springfield answered Anne Marie’s prayers

Anne Marie Bien Aime was visiting family in Springfield right before the pandemic. She became stranded here when travel restrictions prevented her from returning home to Haiti.

The lengthy, unexpected stay in a foreign land impacted Anne Marie’s health. She needed to stay up to date on important healthcare tests like mammograms. But as a non-English speaker, finding resources was difficult.

“I just did not have the means of getting the services I needed,” she recalls.

Fortunately for Anne Marie, you support programs like Mercy Health’s Mobile Mammography services. A partnership between Mercy Health and her local community health center put vital cancer screenings within reach.

“After three years trying to get a mammogram, I was finally able to get one on the bus,” she says.


“I would like to thank people who make this possible. A big thank you to all the donors and the nurses and doctors.”


Having the vital test done regularly now gives Anne Marie comfort. “It gives me peace in mind knowing where I stand,” she says.

Even more, it’s simple and convenient for Anne Marie to get a mammogram. Rocking Horse Community Health Center staff take care of scheduling her appointments. When the mobile unit arrives, it parks right down the street.

“The bus comes close to my house to get mammograms done. It’s walking distance from my house,” she says.

Anne Marie is grateful that your support helps her get the health care she needs.