Meet Diana Vanhoose

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Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

You gave Diana a new lease on life after her heart attack

When Diana Vanhoose suffered a heart attack, she was terrified. “I thought a heart attack was a death sentence,” she recalls.

After Springfield Regional Medical Center repaired the damage to her heart, Diana was still dismayed at how she felt.

“When I first got out of the hospital, I had a hard time getting going,” she says. “I was very tired. I thought this was what the rest of my life was going to be like.”

Fortunately for Diana, her doctor recommended that she take part in the intensive cardiac rehab program. Your support of that program means patients can learn how changes in diet and exercise can provide better long-term outcomes.

Diana immediately began participation in the nutrition education and cardiac rehab exercise programs.


“Without this program, I don’t know where I would be right now. It’s because of you that this program exists.”


She’s grateful that the program is offered close to her home.

“Being in Urbana, it’s only five minutes from my home so I have no problem coming three times a week,” she says. “If it was out of town, I doubt I could go.”

Diana isn’t tired and is living her life. “I feel so much better with the exercise than what I did before I came,” she says. “The program has been a lifesaver to me.”

She’s grateful that your support has given her this new healthy lifestyle.