Jeremy’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Springfield, OH

Thanks to you, Jeremy is working to keep his independence

Two Mercy Health nurses help a patient using an Arjo Walking System.

Although he had been living on his own, Jeremy’s neurological condition required hospitalization, followed by a stay in the rehabilitation unit at Mercy Health's Springfield Regional Medical Center. While there, he used the new Arjo Walking System purchased with your donation.

Jeremy needed to transfer himself into a motorized wheelchair, but when he arrived at the hospital, it required several caregivers to help him roll over. Thanks to your generosity, he saw improvement in his strength and standing tolerance after just five days of using the Arjo Walking System, which helps patients stand and bear their own weight.


“Thank you! My independence is very important to me, and your donation is helping me regain that.”


“Using this equipment has been such a positive experience,” Jeremy said. “It has been a real team effort with the staff, and this has been a great tool for me.”

After using the Arjo Walking System for only three weeks, he could roll over and sit at the side of the bed on his own and required only minimal assistance to transfer to a bedside chair—a vast improvement in a short period of time that Jeremy is incredibly grateful for.