Your Impact

Side view portrait of a boy looking into his mother's eyes while playing with his hands touching his mother's face.

You Make a Difference

When you donate to a cause or program that is near and dear to you, you can be confident that your gift has an impact which changes and saves lives. The stories of people who have directly benefitted from our donors' generosity represent just a few of many individuals who have received better health care close to home, thanks to donors like you.

Your gift to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain can be directed to a specific service or program for more direct impact, ensuring everyone has access to the specialized medical care and resources they need. You can even make your gift in honor of a doctor, nurse or caregiver to express your gratitude, or in memory of a loved one who has passed.


Featured Giving Opportunity

Senior Caucasian medical school professor or doctor uses a model of the human spine to teach a group of medical or nursing students. The students take notes as the professor talks about the spine. The students are wearing scrubs and the doctor is wearing a lab coat.
Giving Opportunity | Mercy Health — Lorain, OH

Graduate Medical Education

A $1+ million fundraising effort will help launch a Graduate Medical Education program and facility. The residency program for new physicians who just completed medical school will help recruit more doctors in much-needed specialties to care for our Lorain community.