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Everyone needs life-saving health care for a better life. You can help.

Nobody should have to choose between paying their bills or getting medical care and medications

Donations to the Foundation help people get the health care services they need

At Mercy Health, our Mission isn't a plaque on the wall. It's our calling, our True North. Programs that help people get needed services even if they can't afford to pay or are uninsured are just one way we improve the health and well-being of our communities.

But we need your help. Your generous support for any of the following programs means the most vulnerable people in our community can access resources that lead to better health and better quality of life for them and their families.

Patient Assistance

Often patients who are leaving the hospital need additional medications or medical equipment to continue their recovery at home. Some people even have basic needs for clothing or transportation from the hospital.

Donations to the Patient Assistance fund can help a patient with a qualifying financial need get help with their prescriptions, a ride to or from the hospital or even household bills or groceries.

Lend a Hand

Help people continue to heal at home

Resource Mothers

Completely funded through donations to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain, the program offers resources, support and education for pregnant women and new moms, through baby's first year of life.

Each participant is paired with a resource mom who is a trained health worker and a mother herself. Resource mothers give advice, educational information, and help with accessing resources. When you give to this program, you help women get prenatal care, learn how to care for a new baby, or get free infant care items like diapers or formula.

Help New Moms

Help pregnant women and new moms take good care of their baby

Parish Nursing

For many people, the screenings and basic medical services provided at a local church are the only health care they receive. That's why donations for Parish Nursing are so important. The program helps remove barriers that prevent people from seeking medical care, like economic or language barriers and transportation issues.

Parish Nursing is completely funded through donations to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain. Your support provides wellness checks at nearly 100 churches in and around Lorain, offering a more convenient place to receive services and in a location that is familiar and comforting. Parish Nurses can also refer participants to doctors for follow-up.

Give for Better Health

Help people monitor their health with free screenings in their own neighborhood

Rising Star Medical Intern Program

Designed to increase diversity in the health care field, this paid internship for high school juniors and seniors gives students firsthand experience working in many clinical and administrative departments of the hospital over the summer.

The Rising Star program can only be offered at Mercy Health Lorain Hospital with financial support from the Foundation's donors. The opportunity to shadow doctors, surgeons, nurses, other medical professionals and administrative staff has inspired many of the program's interns to pursue health care careers. A number of physicians and nurses now working at Mercy Health Lorain Hospital participated in the Rising Stars program.

Invest in the Future of Medicine

Give minority students opportunities to pursue health care careers

Women's Health Center

When you support the Women's Health Center, you make specialized care available for women in one convenient location. Donations to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain helped purchase the latest life-saving 3D mammography technology that saves lives by detecting cancer in its earliest stages. And for women without insurance or the ability to pay, donations to the Women's Health Center ensure those with a financial need get the important annual breast cancer screenings they couldn't otherwise afford.

Make an Impact

Give women a state-of-the-art place to get their health care

Cancer Care

Your donation will provide the most flexible support for the full complement of cancer services at our hospitals and ensure anyone who needs screening, diagnosis or treatments can get the life-saving cancer care they need, even if they are uninsured or financially challenged.

Donations to our Cancer Care fund can be used for:

  • Financial assistance for qualifying patients to assist with mammograms, cancer treatment or other costs associated with their cancer plan
  • Provide a nurse navigator to help cancer patients with scheduling, appointments, information and support throughout their cancer journey
  • Renovations and updates to the Cancer Center and other patient care areas where cancer diagnosis and treatment takes place
  • Upgrading to the most advanced cancer detecting and cancer-fighting medical technology
  • Support for new and existing services that provide the latest cancer care

Invest in More Survivors

Make the most effective treatments available for cancer patients in Lorain

Mobile Mammography

We need your help to make life-saving breast cancer screenings accessible for all women across northeast Ohio! The Mercy Health Foundation is raising $1.5 million to purchase and equip a 40-foot coach that will provide mobile mammography services for women, right in their own community or at their place of work.

Busy women, those without medical insurance or who lack transportation too often skip this important annual screening. Mammograms are the first line of defense for detecting breast cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages.

Donate today to make Mobile Mammography available as soon as possible for women in and around Lorain.

Support Early Detection

Give women a convenient option for life-saving breast cancer screenings

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