Jessica Resor’s Story

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Mercy Health - Lorain, OH

Jessica has cutting-edge cancer care, emotional and spiritual support, all thanks to you

Jessica Resor felt the full impact of the Mercy Health Lorain Cancer Center from the very beginning of her cancer journey.

“When I went for my first mammogram, and really from the minute I got there, they just took control so quickly,” she recalls. “They took such good care to get things scheduled so quickly for me.”

Now that Jessica is undergoing aggressive treatment to fight a rare form of breast cancer, she is grateful for your generosity for the Lorain Cancer Center and its state-of-the-art technology and support services.


“Donors are taking time to help someone they may never see or know, but they are making a huge impact in their life.”


“It was really nice to meet with social workers, because they were able to answer questions,” she said. “As needs arise, I know who to call. To talk to someone who knows what to expect and what you are going through is helpful because they understand and can give you direction. They’re here because of the Foundation’s donors.”

Jessica knows she has a year of challenging treatment ahead of her, but she is thankful she has your support behind her.

“There are truly selfless people willing to help complete strangers, and it’s been a real blessing. The donation is giving me peace of mind, support and answers.”