Meet Carol Radefeld

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Lorain, OH

Carol gives because the work of Mercy Health Foundation Lorain inspires her

Carol Radefeld grew up in a small, rural town, so she understood poverty. Or so she thought.

“My husband and I did medical mission work,” she said. “We saw real poverty and a real lack of medical care. It was so disheartening and so sad. When we got back, it made me more acutely aware of the needs in our own community.”


“I feel like my money is doing something productive. Something I would like to be physically doing but I can’t.”


Carol, a retired nurse, and her husband, the late Dr. Denis Radefeld, made a total of 58 mission trips to the Dominican Republic. Although she would love to go back, she knows that writing a check can be just as meaningful. That is why she gives to the Mercy Health Foundation Lorain today.

“I know it’s going to someone who really, really needs it. Plus, the wonderful work this Foundation is doing always makes me want to do more.”