Make a Difference

Give comfort and support to people in their final days

Hospice care is about making memories

People in their final days—and the families that love them—depend on our donors for the comfort and support they need at the most difficult of times

Mercy Health New Life Hospice relies on donations to care for hospice patients and ensure their final months, weeks and days are dignified and peaceful; a time to share memories and treasure each moment together.

Donations help the hospice team provide different levels of compassionate care to meet the unique needs and final wishes of patients. The Mercy Health New Life Hospice Center offers the comforts of home when acute inpatient care is needed to manage a person's pain and symptoms. Respite services care for hospice patients when their caregiver at home needs a break. And in-home hospice care is provided wherever the patient calls home.

Caring for hospice patients means caring for their loved ones who need the comfort of emotional and spiritual support during a difficult time. Mercy Health New Life Hospice provides meaningful bereavement services for the family and friends of patients.

With help from donors like you, every patient in hospice receives care for the whole personbody, mind and spirit. Your generosity will make a difference for families in the most challenging of times.

Have a Heart for Hospice

Hundreds of people at the end of their life's journey turn to New Life Hospice each year for relief from pain and symptoms, as well as emotional support for themselves and their loved ones. Donations to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain for hospice allow every patient to receive end-of-life care in the comfort of their home or in the beautiful, relaxing environment of our hospice center.

Give Compassionately

Provide comfort and support for people in their final days

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