Meet Krista Jones

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Mercy Health - Lorain, OH

You helped Mercy Health's New Life Hospice lift an emotional burden from Krista and her family

Krista Jones' mother was suffering from cancer and dementia. Her father was already in end-of-life care in a nearby town. Together, it was a lot for Krista and her family to manage.

“I have six children and they were facing the loss of both grandparents,” she says. “My mom was living with us, so there were nine people in our house during the pandemic. It was a lot.”

“When my mom eventually needed hospice care, I called New Life Hospice mostly in hopes that my kids and myself would have someone that we could reach out to throughout this ordeal.”

New Life Hospice, which is supported through your generous donations, removed stress from Krista and her family. They provided consistent and compassionate care for her mom while also supporting the family.


“They would come and take care of mom and give her a shower. More than anything, I think, just to give me a break. Because I never had a break and that was so helpful.”


Without the support of New Life Hospice and you, Krista isn’t sure how her family would have coped with all of the loss. In addition to the direct, compassionate care her mother received, counseling services were made available to herself and her kids. She is thankful for the depth and breadth of services New Life Hospice is able to provide.

“Without hospice services, death could really leave a family in ruin,” she says. “Hospice is a lifesaver for the people that are going through this.”