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Everyone needs life-saving health care for a better life. You can help.

Nobody should have to choose between paying their bills or getting medical care and medications

Our assistance programs help people get the health care services they need, even if they don’t have insurance or the ability to pay

At Mercy Health, our Mission isn't a plaque on the wall. It's our calling, our True North. Patient assistance programs are just one way we improve the health and well-being of our communities and bring good help to those in need, especially to those who are poor, dying and underserved.

But we need your help. Your generous support means the most vulnerable people in our community can access resources for better health.

Patient Assistance

After leaving the hospital, many patients need medications or special equipment to continue their recovery. Our patient assistance fund helps pay for patients’ needs as they continue healing at home. Every dollar you contribute goes toward helping patients with things like:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation to medical appointments or outpatient treatments
  • Groceries for those who can’t work during recovery

Help People Recover
At Home 

Provide the things patients need to fully heal after they leave the hospital

Health Partnership Program

Thanks to donations, Mercy Health offers this program for people who are working but don't have medical insurance or can't afford the out-of-pocket costs for health care. Many physician offices across three counties in the Cincinnati area partner with us to treat program participants for a modest co-pay. Patients can even get their medications filled for a small cost. The Health Partnership Program connects people with their own primary care physician so they don't delay the care they need or depend on the Emergency Department as their primary source of health care.

The program is staffed by licensed social workers that help patients in need navigate the health care landscape to find the resources and care they need. By addressing the social determinants of health—basic needs like food and housing—people can begin to prioritize their health.

Stand Together For Those In Need

Give affordable health care for the uninsured

School Based Health Centers

Thanks to donor funding, Mercy Health has established partnerships and clinics across greater Cincinnati to bring health care services to communities with few medical resources. School Based Health Centers provide an affordable option for the whole family, in addition to students, in a location that is familiar, convenient and close to home. 

Staffed by nurse practitioners, the clinics offer vaccinations, prescriptions, sick care, well-care visits and all the services of a primary care office. The staff even help address social determinants of health—like housing, hunger and food insecurity—that stand in the way of people getting the medical care they need to live healthier lives.

Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

Provide affordable health care for families, close to home

Outpatient Wellness Center at Mercy Health's West Hospital

Your support for the Outpatient Wellness Center gives uninsured and underinsured people an affordable option for primary care on the West Side of Cincinnati. The medical providers and staff at the Center provide patients with guidance and assistance to improve their health and avoid using the emergency department as a costly source for primary health care.

Help the Uninsured

Give affordable health care for West Side neighbors

Mercy Care Clinic at Mercy Health's Clermont Hospital

Just east of Cincinnati, Mercy Health's Clermont Hospital serves residents of Clermont and Brown counties. For people in this area who don't have medical insurance, are underinsured or have unaffordable copays, the Mercy Care Clinic offers a more affordable option for primary care. Rather than using the ER for medical care that could be addressed in a doctor's office, the Mercy Care Clinic provides support and a medical home to help patients get and stay healthy. But the Clinic and its patients depend on donors for ongoing funding to provide health care services to the Clermont community. 

Help People in Need

Ensure health care for everyone in Clermont and Brown counties

Patient Support Fund for West Hospital ER Patients

A trip to the Emergency Department can be difficult for the most financially challenged patients. Donations to the Patient Support Fund help meet the basic needs of patients in the ER at Mercy Health's West Hospital. Patients in need can get help with items like a change of clothing to wear home, transportation from the ER if they don't have a ride or assistance with prescriptions that need to be filled to get well.

Show Your Kindness

Help those who are most in need when they leave the ER

Ben Jackson Memorial Fund

Mercy Health has the only adult bone marrow transplant program in Cincinnati. Patients need daily treatments for a number of weeks, but can never be further than 30 minutes from the hospital. Donations to the Ben Jackson Memorial Fund help patients who struggle with the costs of getting to their treatment appointments or other financial hardships.

The endowed fund is named in honor of our 1,500th bone marrow transplant recipient. He and his wife wanted to ensure other patients don't have to worry about financial challenges while battling cancer.

Lend A Helping Hand

Help blood cancer patients get the treatments they need

Mobile Mammography

Women are busy. Finding the time, lack of insurance or transportation can prevent them from getting an annual mammogram. Donations to the Mercy Health Foundation keep two mobile mammography coaches on the road and in neighborhoods across the Tri-State area, where people can conveniently walk in or make an appointment.

The latest 3D mammogram technology helps detect cancer in its earliest stages, when most treatable. Patients can receive results within 45 minutes and navigation services help patients schedule follow-up testing if needed. And stipends are available for uninsured patients or those who can't afford the screening.

Support Early Detection

Mobile mammography gives people a fighting chance against breast cancer

Kim Z. Imaging Fund

Donations to this fund help qualifying patients access free or low-cost imaging services and exams like lung screenings, mammograms and other diagnostic testing. Imaging services use various techniques and types of technology to view the inside of the body to help figure out the causes of an illness or injury and confirm a diagnosis. Your donations ensure that patients who are uninsured or whose insurance, Medicare or Medicaid doesn't cover the screenings still get the testing they need.

When you give, you follow in the footsteps of this fund's namesake. Kim Z. was a Mercy Health nurse who went above and beyond her job to help patients find sources for financial assistance if they couldn't afford care. She inspired the Foundation to establish the fund as a permanent resource for patients in need.

Help People Find Answers

Provide support for patients to get needed imaging exams

Sister Kathy Green Legacy Fund

When you give to this fund, you are setting aside dollars to help Mercy Health identify and quickly meet the most pressing needs of our patients and communities. With your help, people across Cincinnati get better health care and support for their overall wellness. 

The fund is named in memory of Sister Kathy Green, a leader at Mercy Health who left a lasting legacy that still inspires donors and employees to care for the poor and underserved.

Give Good Help

Ensure future needs are met quickly so more people are helped

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