Julie Hamburg’s Story

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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

You help keep heart patients in control of their health

Julie knows reliable scales can alert heart patients to early symptoms.

As a Heart Failure Navigator, one of the best tools Julie Hamburg can provide patients is a scale because an increase in weight is usually one of the first symptoms they may notice.

Unfortunately, for some of Julie’s patients, even buying a scale can be a challenge.


“To someone in need, it is a lot of money. They can either decide to purchase a scale or their medication, a copay visit or possibly groceries.”


For the past several years, Julie has been able to provide those scales because of your generous gifts. Julie believes each year, she and the heart team are able to give out about 60 scales.

One recipient stands out to Julie.

“He was distraught thinking about how he was going to care for himself when he could barely afford the medications he needed,” she recalled. “A scale was just not in his financial means. Just hearing that, he appeared very defeated.”

“I was able to let him know we can provide scales for our patients. You could just see his face change because he had a sense of control over his newly-diagnosed chronic disease. He burst into tears—he was just so thankful and feeling as though things were finally going to work out for him.”

“I was just in awe to be able to witness his gratitude, and it all came from donors like you who give to the Foundation.”