Lucille’s Story

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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

You help Lucille get the treatment and medications she needs for her chronic heart failure

Lucille McClendon didn’t know the best ways to manage her chronic heart failure and could not afford the medications she needed for her condition. She got very ill and ended up in the hospital to get her symptoms under control.

When Lucille was discharged from the hospital, she got special help from Mercy Health's West Hospital Outpatient Wellness Center and a nurse practitioner whose position is funded by your donations. The nurse practitioner helped her learn ways to manage her heart failure. She even arranged for Lucille to get prescription assistance through the Medication Assistance Program—another vital service your gift makes possible.


“It’s been a stressful journey, but my treatment at Mercy Health's West Hospital Outpatient Wellness Center makes me feel so good. I really needed that medication. They set it up so when I got to the pharmacy, it was all taken care of!”


Lucille wants everyone to know that the Outpatient Wellness Center employees are some of the most wonderful people she has ever met in her 80 years of life. Because of them—and you—Lucille now has more time and energy to take care of and play with her four greatgrandchildren, because her heart failure is under control.

Because of you, more people like Lucille are getting follow-up care after their hospital stay. They receive treatment, medication and guidance for every step of their healing journey. And they get compassion and kindness. Just ask Lucille! “I get treated sweeter than sugar by the people at the Outpatient Wellness Center!”