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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Terry is grateful for your help while recovering from a bone marrow transplant that means he can't work

Lisa Hardesty looks forward to having an afternoon picnic at the park with her husband again. But first, Terry has to recover from a bone marrow transplant he received last fall.

Terry has been living with leukemia for six years, but a round of treatments caused complications that led to the transplant. His illness has taken a toll on more than his health. It has also challenged their finances.

They had to close their business where Terry repaired and built off-road vehicles. They cancelled trips to visit grandchildren. And the costs added up because they had to stay in a hotel for weeks at a time to be near the hospital for his treatments.

It’s a difficult time for Terry and Lisa, but you make it a little easier for them by donating to the Foundation so they can receive gift cards for food and gas.


“Even $25 is an unbelievable gift to someone who doesn’t have it. When I go to the grocery store and don’t know what I can afford to buy... Receiving a gift card for that is such a relief.”


Finally at home, they still travel to the hospital three times a week, spending $60 in gas for each trip. Your contributions also provide Terry and Lisa with gas cards to help with transportation to appointments, and every little bit helps.

“Every gift card they hand me is like a piece of gold,” Lisa said. “I want to thank donors so much.”