Meet the Chrome Divas

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

The Chrome Divas hit the highways so every woman can have access to a mammogram

The Chrome Divas are a born-to-be-wild sisterhood of denim and leather who love the open road. According to Denise Derby (aka Derby), a 10-year veteran of the biker ladies, they also love raising money for breast cancer screenings right here in greater Cincinnati.

“It’s our creed,” said Derby. “If we don’t help, who will?”


“We know women who have gone through it and survived it. Every woman needs to be checked.”


With names like T-Rex, Gazoo, Lil’ Evil and Hippie, the ladies are more like family than 17 motorcycle riders. They feel the same way about their friends at Mercy Health's Jewish Hospital. That’s why they are so passionate about fundraising for the mobile mammography unit.

“We’re honored to help The Jewish Hospital,” said Derby. “They’re family to us. They help low-income women fight this awful disease. If our funds can help even a little, then it is worth it.”