Invest in the Best 

Ensure educational opportunities for today's and tomorrow's health care heroes

Well-trained and highly skilled medical professionals are the heart of great health care

When you support educational opportunities for our team at Mercy Health and for future medical professionals, you ensure expert health care for your family and yourself

Donations designated for professional development and education are investments in the quality health care that makes Toledo a better, healthier community. The medical field is constantly changing. Our team at Mercy Health and our students at Mercy College of Ohio are dedicated to keeping pace, to be the best and brightest at delivering the life-saving care you depend on.

Mercy Medical Education Fund

Your gift helps provide educational programs, training for certifications and other opportunities for Mercy Health staff to continuously improve their skills and expertise. Donations also provide vital funding for Mercy Health's Graduate Medical Education programs, medical residencies and fellowships, and continuing education that help attract the most talented and skilled physicians to Toledo and northwest Ohio.

Pay It Forward

Share your gratitude for good health with the people who care for you and your family

Nursing Fund for Excellence

You can help nurses advance their expertise through training and certifications, professional development and conferences. Your donation means growth opportunities for nurses and highly skilled compassionate care for you and your loved ones.

Many people are grateful for care they have received at Mercy Health and want to thank the nurses who made a difference. Expressing gratitude through a donation ensures our frontline health care heroes are celebrated through nursing recognition programs like the Daisy Award and nurse appreciation week.

Show Your Gratitude for Nurses

Celebrate and support nurses who give the best care

Mercy College of Ohio Funds

Greatest Need

Help the College prepare students for a career of compassionate service.

Scholarship Fund

Help high performing students with a financial need to complete their degree.

Student Emergency Fund

Help students with their urgent needs when facing a financial emergency.

Capital Projects

Support renovations, expansions and new technology for the best education.

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