Meet Simon Ngoma

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

You’re helping Simon fulfill his dream of becoming a nurse

Working two jobs, being a nursing student at Mercy College of Ohio and taking care of his family doesn’t leave Simon Ngoma much time for anything else. But thanks to you, he has a quiet place to study before commuting home to spend time with his two daughters—the Learning Commons.

“After my clinical classes I come here to study. If it wasn’t here, I’d have to drive 45 minutes home, and then after playing with my kids I would just be too tired to study. This has helped me stay focused until I go home.”

You’re helping Simon achieve a longtime goal of becoming a nurse and giving back to his community.


“I want to thank every donor from the bottom of my heart. I am a testimony of their help. There were times I was not able to pay for school or even gas to come here, but they helped.”


“This is a dream come true,” he says. “I’m learning so much about working with patients, and everything I’m learning is very practical. My teachers are covering every aspect of patient care. I’m finding that nursing is a contact sport—you have to do it to learn it.”

He and his family are grateful for the support you have given to Mercy College of Ohio to help students like him.

“As a parent and father, I want to provide for my family, I want to inspire them,” he says. “I want them to value hard work, education, and learn you have to work hard for what you want.”

“I’m looking forward to being in a position where I can help someone the way they have helped me. I’m very grateful.”