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Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Joe and Mary give to help more people become nurses

Joe Pettee has served his community as a paramedic, firefighter, ER nurse and hospital administrator. But it wasn’t until he became Chairman of Finance for Mercy College of Ohio that he saw the challenges people faced to become caregivers.


“Nurses are struggling to pay tuition. There are so many obstacles in their way.”


“Non-traditional students, like parents working their way through college and inner-city residents, need help financially. There was a need to help these people improve their lives.”

Joe and his wife, Mary, actively donate to the Foundation for a Mercy College of Ohio scholarship fund to help nurses achieve their dreams, which is especially important now.

“With the major shortage of nurses across the U.S., I want to help people who are thinking about going into nursing and make it a little bit easier for them,” he said. “We’re creating incentives to improve and increase nursing numbers in the area.”