Pat Winkler’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Mercy College of Ohio gave Pat her nursing career, so now she gives back

In 1961, Pat Winkler enrolled at the Mercy School of Nursing, which preceded Mercy College of Ohio.

“My mom always wanted me to become a nurse, but not only a nurse—a Mercy nurse,” recalls Pat. “She instilled that in me.”

“The experience that I had at the Mercy School tremendously influenced my life,” she says.


“I give because Mercy was so good to me and gave me my foundation as a nurse.”


In fact, it was there that Pat learned of the Papal Volunteers, which she joined. With them, she was able to spend three years in Peru working in a mission clinic.

Pat has had an amazing six-decade career as a nurse, which she attributes to the education she received at Mercy School. Now, she gives to the Mercy College as a way to help others.

“What Mercy College is doing now is wonderful, educating and serving the poor and underserved with the Christian principles behind it.”