Women's Health

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Ensure great specialized care for women of all ages

A woman's health care should be as special and unique as she is

Your gift supports a number of medical services and specialties for women of all ages

A woman's health care needs change throughout her life. And illness or medical conditions can affect women differently than men. That's why Bon Secours provides a comprehensive lineup of services for women in Hampton Roads.

Donations make a difference in providing educational programs, medical equipment, labor and delivery enhancements, 3D mammography technology and many other investments that ensure the best health care for women across southeast Virginia.


Breast health is a concern for women of all ages and early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. We depend on donors like you to provide state-of-the-art imaging technology like 3D mammography which helps detect cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages.

Mammography services in Hampton Roads, Virginia, are located at Bon Secours Women's Imaging Center at DePaul in Norfolk and the Millie Lancaster Women's Imaging Center at Harbour View Medical Center in Suffolk.

Support Early Detection 

Mammography helps people have a fighting chance against breast cancer

Maternity Services

We depend on donations to keep Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital Birth Place the top choice for labor and delivery in Hampton Roads. Donations provide a comfortable, updated environment for families to welcome their new baby or attend birthing classes and support groups. And a well-equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides specialized care for sick or premature babies.

Celebrate New Life 

Help families have a comfortable place to welcome a new baby

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A smiling nurse holds up a pink breast cancer ribbon.
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Women's Imaging Center in Portsmouth

Your donation will help open a new Women's Imaging Center in Portsmouth, Virginia to give more women access to care. Situated near public transit and free to those who can't pay, the Center will help detect breast cancer in earlier, more treatable stages.

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