Karen’s Story

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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

Your support helped Karen beat cancer

When Karen Stowe found a lump that she feared may be breast cancer, she took proactive steps and went directly to Dr. Stephanie Krup Repole at Bon Secours.

“Dr. Repole was wonderful, so personable and she exudes caring and concern,” Karen recalled. “Even when I went in and had found a scary thing, she was very positive and that’s how she was all the time, no matter what. She was the perfect personality for what I needed at the time.”

When Dr. Repole confirmed Karen’s suspicions, they got to work quickly, setting her up with Bon Secours oncologists and radiation specialists and eventually with Dr. Repole’s surgical team. By November, the group had helped Karen conquer her breast cancer and she was able to go into the holiday season with the experience behind her.


“I’m so grateful for their vision in providing great equipment to support the phenomenal doctors they have placed there. I felt like I had world-class care because of the physicians and the equipment they had to offer along with their expertise.”


Karen knows that wouldn’t have been possible without the care she received from Bon Secours and that the care would not have been possible without your contributions.

“I’m immensely grateful for everything Bon Secours provided for me during that time,” she said. “I know many, many things that I encountered along the way were thanks to the generosity of donors to the Foundation.”