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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

You were there for the Collins family after an exciting birth

It’s always exciting when a baby is born. It’s even more exciting when your baby is born before you get to the hospital. That wasn’t exactly the plan for Tiera Collins and Anthony Biggs, but their daughter Tieona made her big entrance as they drove to the Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in the middle of the night last December.

“I had an appointment earlier in the day but went home because I wasn’t quite far enough along in my labor,” Tiera said. “We watched a football game and hugged out the contractions. By the time my mother got to the house to watch the other children, I was about to deliver.”

They drove straight to the main doors of the hospital where security professional Robert Scott Hamel was able to direct them to the emergency entrance and called ahead to have medical personnel waiting for them. While the care team rallied, baby Tieona arrived.

The Collins family on Christmas Day, with little Tieona in Tiera's lap
The Collins family on Christmas Day, with little Tieona in Tiera's lap
“It was all hands-on deck, I’m grateful they were ready for us.” Tiera said. “We were so well cared for!”


Mother and baby were whisked to the birthing center, where they were cared for with equipment purchased with your donation.

After making sure everyone was safe, Robert went back to move the car, and returned Tiera’s purse and keys.