Community Health & Wellness

Make an Impact

Ensure a healthier community for everyone

Good health starts at home and healthy residents make our community better

Our wellness programs and assistance resources help every person meet their needs to live a healthier life

Donations for Bon Secours Community Works programs and services give much-needed help to people in West Baltimore. The most basic needs like safe housing, healthy food, a steady job, or access to health care are vital for a person's wellness, yet often challenging to afford.

A number of free services are available through Community Works to help people improve health and quality of life for themselves, their family and the entire community. But we depend on the ongoing generosity of donors like you and grant-making organizations to be there for everyone in their times of greatest need. Your donation today will help a person overcome their financial challenges to better care for themselves and their loved ones.

Healthy Foods

People who are most in need often struggle to find food for their next meal. And buying healthy foods and produce is a luxury they can't afford. Thanks to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation's donors, West Baltimore residents can turn to Community Works for free groceries including meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and pantry staples.

The donor-supported Bon Secours Urban Farm on West Fayette Street has a community garden, greenhouses and a plant nursery to help improve the health of the neighborhood's residents. The farm offers youth gardening programs, nutrition education, food distribution and a mobile farmer's market to help families have easy and affordable access to healthy foods and fresh produce. A workforce development program even teaches participants gardening skills that can lead to better employment. All thanks to donors like you!

Give a Healthy Meal

Ensure people in West Baltimore always have fresh foods to eat

Community Resource Center

The 20,000 square-foot Community Resource Center on S. Payson Street offers West Baltimore residents a number of services and amenities under one roof. Thanks to donations, Bon Secours Community Works can offer youth services, workforce development, economic development and programs for both adults and children.

  • Financial wellbeing center
  • Community Job Hub
  • Art room and media library
  • Basketball gym and fitness studios
  • Health care training room
  • Rooftop garden

Invest in People

Give people the help they need to lead better, healthier lives

Community School Coordinators

Bon Secours Community Works provides a number of professionally trained and experienced coordinators to schools in West Baltimore communities. Donations for Bon Secours Community Works provide funding for coordinators to help students and their families get connected with resources that address each individual's unique short-term and long-term needs.

Some of the services and referrals our Community School Coordinators provide include:

  • Health care services
  • Social services
  • Housing assistance 
  • Job training for parents

Support Students and Families

Ensure students and their families have basic needs for good health

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