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Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Because of donors like you, Nya found her calling in the health care field

Since graduating from Bon Secours Community Works’ Healthcare Training & Certification program, Nya Smith has found employment as a certified nursing assistant. Your generous donations are why she is living her dream today.

“I’ve always cared for elders in my family since I was young,” says Nya. “I decided to pursue a career in healthcare because I like helping people.”

Bon Secours Community Works offers multiple paths of training to help West Baltimore residents advance their careers and enter the medical field with an industry recognized certification. Current programs exist for certified nursing assistant/geriatric nursing assistant, certified medical administrative assistant, and patient care technician.


“If I wasn’t able to get this training, I’d still be working in retail but I wouldn’t be as happy mentally or physically. Some jobs strain your mental health but now I can get pleasure out of working.”


The training your generosity made possible put Nya on a career path that would otherwise be unavailable to her. So she's thankful to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation donors whose faith in her have made her future possible.

“What I’ve learned about Bon Secours is their principles and their morals. They won’t stop. They’ll get you through the program,” Nya shares. “I had a lot of obstacles because I am a teen parent and I always had things come up with my son, but they never gave up on me.”

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