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Giving back is a sacred tradition at Bon Secours Mercy Health. Your generosity along with the work you do every day makes you the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing good help to those in need. There are many ways to give and a variety of programs or services to support in Baltimore. Gifts can remain local as you designate, or directed to a ministry-wide fund.

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An easy and personalized way to give to the programs and services you care about the most

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Some people give their money and don’t see where it goes. It’s most impactful because I literally drive through the community and see the changes. I realize that Bon Secours is making a difference, and I want to keep supporting what we do.

Carlton, Chanie BAL

Chanie Carlton

Financial Grant Manager
Bon Secours Community Works
Baltimore, MD

Give for Good Associate Campaign

Materials & Resources

Baltimore Leader Toolkit

This is a customized presentation on the Give for Good campaign and its impact in Baltimore. It includes information about The Big Give, incentives for giving and key contacts.

Baltimore Brochure

This brochure has everything you need to Give for Good, including fund descriptions, giving options and giving form.

Campaign Resources

Download ministry-wide assets, including flyers, Zoom backgrounds and more leader materials.

Baltimore Funds

Below are the Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation funds you can give to through Give for Good. When you sign up to give, you can choose the fund that calls to you the most. That way, your dollars go where your passion does.

Affordable Housing & Community Development

Supports affordable housing developments and neighborhood revitalization projects; improves and maintains neighborhood green spaces and parks.

Economic Development

Provides career training in a variety of fields, along with counseling, placement and financial education; provides training, support and wrap-around services to persons returning from incarceration; maintains and improves urban farm sites and distributes fresh food and vegetables to families in need.

Greatest Need

Provides the most flexibility to meet the greatest needs in our community.

Sister Theophane Fund

Helps ease dire financial hardships of our neighbors.

Youth & Family Services

Offers Early Head Start childhood development; provides summer job development and after school activities for neighborhood youth; provides services and enrichment activities to students and families in neighborhood elementary schools.

Giving Options

Power Hour

Gift of 1 hour of pay per pay period via payroll deduction.

Half Hour Hero

Gift of 1/2 hour of pay per pay period via payroll deduction.

Lead for Good

Gift of $38.50 per pay period via payroll deduction or a $1,001 one-time gift via payroll deduction.

Per Pay Period

Customized gift amount per pay period via payroll deduction.

One-Time Payroll Deduction

Customized one-time gift amount via payroll deduction.

Credit Card/ACH/PayPal

Customized one-time or recurring gift via card, bank or PayPal.

PTO Donation

Gift of PTO via payroll deduction for non-exempt, hourly associates.

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Give for Good Associate Campaign

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If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to Cristin Drummond at [email protected] or (804) 370-7606.