Associate Donor

Chanie’s Story

Give for Real Change

Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Chanie gives so that she can see real changes in her surrounding communities

Chanie Carlton is invested. Her job on the Bon Secours Baltimore finance team makes sure grant programs stay in compliance. She gives back as an associate donor because she sees the good works that result from donations to the Foundation. 


“Some people give their money and don’t see where it goes. It’s most impactful because I literally drive through the community and see the changes. I realize that Bon Secours is making a difference, and I want to keep supporting what we do.”


Chanie has worked for Bon Secours Mercy Health for nine years. Though she doesn’t work directly with people in need in the West Baltimore community, she hears first-hand from program staff about how people’s lives are changed.

“The program staff hear people talk about where they’ve been and where they are now… the changes,” she says. “We do the same work the Sisters did. It feels good to be a part of that.”

“I like working for Bon Secours Mercy Health because of the mission,” she says. “We really live out the mission. We help people where they are and help them get a better position in life. It is important work we do for the community.”