Theresa’s Story

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Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Theresa is living a happy life in Benet House, thanks to your support

Theresa Roary has called the neighborhood of West Baltimore her home for more than 50 years. When she became homeless in 2007, Benet House was there to provide her with a safe place to stay—all because of the Bon Secours Foundation.

Benet House was a shuttered school building before Bon Secours turned it into affordable housing in the 90s. It’s just another example of how foundation donors have helped improve the community.


“God only knows where I would be today if not for Benet House. I am so thankful to live here. Benet House is freedom for me. I don’t have to work too hard. I just have to keep my own apartment clean. I’ve got my own peace and quiet.”


For seniors and people with disabilities, affordable housing is very important. Not only does Bon Secours provide safe and clean accommodations, but it also creates a community among the tenants so that they stay active and engaged.

“We have BINGO every Tuesday evening and we have celebrations for Thanksgiving and Christmas where they bring us catered food, so we don’t have to worry about anything,” she says.

Bon Secours also employs Resident Service Coordinators in each building to help with daily needs. When Theresa had both her knees replaced, the Benet House RSC helped move her from a third-floor apartment to one on the first floor. Now that she’s recovered fully, she lives on the second floor.

“It’s the last move I’m going to make,” she says with a grin. “When I leave Benet House, you’ll take these old bones to the cemetery!”