Thank a Health Care Hero

Show your gratitude by supporting the nurses who care for you

Caring for you with skilled hands and compassionate hearts

Supporting the well-being of Mercy Health nurses is a gift that comes back to you through the care you receive

Nurses care for you and your family. They answer a call to serve. And through donor generosity, we can serve and support them in return.

Donations provide special resources to help ensure the physical and emotional well-being of nurses. Your gift can even be made in honor of a nurse or caregiver who made a difference in your life.

Nursing Excellence & Innovation 

Donations provide flexible funding to quickly address the needs of nurses. Resources can be directed to help nurses advance their expertise through training, professional development and certifications. Innovative equipment can be purchased that uses technology to lend a helping hand to nurses, like Lucas chest compression devices that assist in performing life-saving CPR.

Many people are grateful for care they received at Mercy Health and want to thank the nurses who made a difference. Expressing gratitude through a donation ensures our frontline health care heroes are celebrated through nursing recognition programs and Magnet status recertification.

Show Your Gratitude for Nurses

Celebrate and support nurses who give the best care

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