Amy Fink’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Thanks to your support for nursing excellence, Amy and other Mercy Health nurses attend educational conferences

The patient care issues Amy Fink encounters at Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital are not unique to Cincinnati. At the annual ANCC National Magnet Conference last fall, she learned all about shared experiences in nursing. Your generosity allowed her and her colleagues to attend.

“The conference showed us that the problems and issues we see are often the same across the nation," she says.


"It's helpful to see different solutions to the same problems. Attending these conferences gives us an opportunity to bring back new solutions that benefit our patients and our organization."


As Emergency Department Nurse Manager at Fairfield Hospital, Amy champions nursing excellence. She knows that the trip likely wouldn’t have been possible without your support. She’s grateful for the opportunity.

“Thank you so much for supporting nursing practice and nursing excellence,” she says. “It allows us to enhance our knowledge and bring it back to our communities, which is an incredible gift.”

But Amy and her fellow Mercy Health nurses didn't just take good ideas from the conference. They also presented their own research to help nurses in other communities.

“The conference gave us the opportunity to showcase the great work we are doing," she says. "We were blessed to share that knowledge with others."

Your gift helped nurses from each of Mercy Health's Cincinnati hospitals attend the conference.

"It was a great opportunity to connect with others outside our organization. If something works well for them, it might work well for us, too."