Meet Alice Fegelman

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Bon Secours - Cincinnati, OH

Alice gives because she considers Mercy Health's Jewish Hospital part of her family

For Alice Fegelman, supporting Mercy Health's Jewish Hospital is ingrained into her family’s life.

“We have always been involved with the hospital,” she said. “We are a true family affair when it comes to that.”

She went to nursing school there in the 1950s and was a nurse until the birth of her first son. Later, Alice was president of the hospital’s auxiliary. Her late husband, Ronald, was a surgeon and educator in the residency program, and her eldest son was director of surgery.


“As a Jewish family, we have a strong belief in giving,” Alice said. “It is just a way of life for us.”


The Fegelman family place a strong importance on education, which is why they decided to support the medical education program 33 years ago in Ronald’s memory. They have continued their support every year since.