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Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Dr. Young gives because he enjoys taking care of people close to home

Dr. Wade Young has been a longtime donor to Mercy Health's Tiffin Hospital because he sees the importance of having excellent medical care close to home.

He grew up in nearby Green Springs, and even though he had opportunities in bigger cities, when he finished his residency, he decided coming back to the region would be the best place to use his skills.


"One reason I give is so we have a strong local hospital. We don’t always need to go outside of the area to get good care—we can have it right here."


“One thing I’ve always enjoyed is taking care of people who have some connection to me or my family,” Dr. Young said. “I was offered practices in other places but had a strong desire to come back home.”

An ophthalmologist, he retired after 30 years in his practice but still supports the hospital’s mission.