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Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Thanks to support for the Mercy Health Mammography Van, Terrie got the screening that found her cancer

Terrie Kimberly wants you to know that your gift is the reason she's here today. “I am alive because the mammography van found my two tumors,” she says. “The doctor told me they were undetectable and that I could not have found them on my own.”

And while the screening found her cancer, donors like you got her to the screening.

Following the loss of her husband to cancer last March, Terrie stopped taking care of herself. She says she "was not in a good spot" due to her grief.

“I was in so much grief and depression that going out of the house took too much energy,” she recalls.

Your gift to support mobile mammography made it easy for Terrie to get screened. She saw an ad for a mammography van event just five minutes from her home. It was enough to get her to go.


“If it wasn't for that scan, I don't think I would be here. I truly, truly mean from my whole being, thank you so much for your donation to the mammography van.”


Terrie's mammogram found her tumors and she got treatment before it could progress. She's appreciative that the staff made her feel special for taking the time to care for herself. It even sparked a change to her attitude.

“For the most part, it has skyrocketed me to a better life. I have a better thought-process about taking care of myself,” she says.

Now cancer-free, Terrie is grateful for her new and improved lease on life.

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Thanks to you, Terrie discovered her malignant tumors

The mammography van makes getting a mammogram more convenient for patients like Terrie. Thanks to your support, it's also equipped with the latest imaging technology to find “undetectable” tumors. Listen to Terrie describe her experience in her own words.