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Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Gail found peace of mind with the Mercy Health Lymphedema Prevention Program you help support

Ten days after Gail Hoefflin was diagnosed with breast cancer, the U.S. went on lockdown as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was a difficult and trying time for Gail as she navigated her cancer treatments during turmoil in the world of health care.

“When I was hit with that diagnosis, compounded by COVID, my mind was just reeling,” she says. “I was struggling to put this picture together myself.”

For Gail, some of that burden was eased when she was introduced to the SOZO machine, which monitors lymphatic health and can determine if a patient is suffering from early lymphedema—a common condition in breast cancer survivors. Left unchecked, lymphedema can cause a lifetime of complications.


“It was peace of mind because when you’re dealing with all of this, it’s high anxiety. Using the SOZO machine at least helped me know that one component of my health was okay.”


Donations from the foundation helped develop the Mercy Health Lymphedema Prevention Program, which uses the SOZO machine and other tools to help cancer patients stay on top of their health.

Being proactive during her cancer treatment was important to Gail. She’s grateful that your support provided her that ability.

“Cancer patients need all the support and help we can get. Thank you for thinking of us. I’m grateful knowing someone cares. The tools help us through this.”