Meet Don Saunders

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Mercy Health - Toledo, OH

Don gives to ensure high quality cancer care for his community

For Don Saunders, supporting the Mercy Health Foundation also means he is providing quality cancer services for his community.

“I’ve always supported efforts which were important to the quality of life in the community where my family lived, and nothing is more important than a quality health care system.”

After all, Mercy Health’s local Cancer Center was there for his family when his wife was suffering from ovarian cancer. After her passing, it made sense to the Saunders family to continue supporting the cancer services and renovations to the Cancer Clinic for families like theirs.


“We’re glad to see that increase in cancer services coming back into our community.”


“We are not using them in our family, but it certainly makes it more advantageous to the people of our community to be able to receive those restored services here at St. Charles rather than having to drive.”