Giving Opportunity

Board Giving

Board Giving

Your dependable generosity inspires others to join you in helping to save and improve lives.

As a board member, your giving is as important as your service, leadership and expertise. Other donors and funders view 100% board giving as the vote of confidence they need to choose Mercy Health Foundation Greater Toledo for their own charitable support. When you inspire others to give, you magnify and accelerate the impact of your own generosity. Together, you help ensure all communities served by BSMH have the very best health care and the means to assist those most in need.

You can make a donation, set up a monthly gift or even pledge your support to be paid later (by December 31) by completing an online gift commitment form.

Donate Today

Make an online donation for the greatest needs or a special program that inspires you.

Make a Gift Commitment

Pledge your board member gift and select a date to pay later in the year, by December 31.