Make a Difference

Give comfort and support to people in their final days

Hospice care is about making memories

People in their final days—and the families that love them—depend on our donors for the comfort and support they need at the most difficult of times

Your gift for Hospice of the Valley means a person's final months, weeks, days are dignified and peaceful, a time to share memories and treasure moments together.

Each person has unique needs and wishes when it comes to end-of-life care. Hospice of the Valley provides services wherever someone calls home or in the Hospice House when a higher level of inpatient care is needed. With your support, every hospice patient can be cared for in the most appropriate environment for the best quality of life through their final journey.

Our hospice and palliative care team is made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and other highly-trained specialists who care for a person's entire well-being—mind, body and spirit. And because of donor support, Hospice of the Valley accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay for services. Your generosity will make a difference for families in the most challenging of times and help people in the last stages of an incurable disease to live as fully as possible.

Hospice of the Valley

Comfort care and support provided anywhere a hospice patient calls home.

Hospice of the Valley - Hospice House

A beautiful inpatient hospice facility with 16 patient rooms, comfortable gathering spaces and gardens.

To Mail Your Hospice Donation

Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley
P.O. Box 632660
Cincinnati, OH 45263-2660

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